• Ambulatory Care77 0.0%
  • Consumer Shipping81+1.3%
  • Cooperative Utilities78+2.6%
  • Federal Government68.0+6.4%
  • Hospitals75 0.0%
  • Investor-Owned Utilities75+4.2%
  • Local Government72.5+13.3%
  • Municipal Utilities72+5.9%
  • U.S. Postal Service73 0.0%
Ambulatory Care77 0.0%
Athletic Shoes80+2.6%
Automobiles & Light Vehicles823.8%
Cellular Telephones79+1.3%
Computer Software819.5%
Consumer Shipping81+1.3%
Cooperative Utilities78+2.6%
Credit Unions82.0+1.2%
Department & Discount Stores78+5.4%
Federal Government68.0+6.4%
Fixed-Line Telephone Service70+1.4%
Food Manufacturing83+9.2%
Full-Service Restaurants81-1.2%
Gasoline Service Stations76+1.3%
Health & Personal Care78+6.8%
Health Insurance72.0+4.3%
Hospitals75 0.0%
Internet Investment Services80.0+5.3%
Internet Search Engines & Information76-5.0%
Internet News & Opinion73-1.4%
Internet Retail83+3.8%
Internet Service Providers64+1.6%
Internet Social Media744.2%
Internet Travel Services791.3%
Investor-Owned Utilities75+4.2%
Life Insurance79.0+2.6%
Limited-Service Restaurants79+2.6%
Local Government72.5+13.3%
Household Appliances821.2%
Municipal Utilities72+5.9%
Personal Care & Cleaning Products83+7.8%
Personal Computers781.3%
Property & Casualty Insurance78.0-1.3%
Soft Drinks84+6.3%
Specialty Retail Stores80+3.9%
Subscription Television Service65+3.2%
Telephone service72 0.0%
Televisions & Video Players876.1%
U.S. Postal Service73 0.0%
Wireless Telephone Service71+1.4%

Survey Design Experts

Government & Public Sector

CFI Group partners with the Federal Consulting Group (FCG)* to provide the only certified American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) customer experience analytics program. Our carefully designed measurement tools and our team of research experts enables agencies to understand and respond to the stakeholder experience.

*FCG offers an expedited clearance process with the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) for customer satisfaction surveys.

We offer a breadth of measure programs in the public sector including:

  • Stakeholder Satisfaction
  • Employee Engagement
  • Contact Center Experience
  • Website Experience
  • Workplace Harassment and Discrimination

Why is it important for Federal Agencies to measure customer satisfaction? (click for more information)

  • One of the Administration’s 15 top Cross-Agency Priority (CAP) Goals
  • “Deliver Smarter, Better, Faster Service” to citizens
  • Fulfill Executive Order 13571 – Streamlining Service Delivery and Improving Customer Service
  • Agencies need to understand their customers’ expectation and measure their performance
  • Agencies need to benchmark their performance against best practices in government and the private sector

Over 100 Federal Agencies Rely Upon the ACSI

Why do Federal Agencies choose the ACSI?
(click for more information)

  • Since 1999, the ACSI is the only standardized, cross-agency measure of customer satisfaction in the federal government
  • Proven methodology that provides credible, precise, and reliable data that is actionable
  • Unsurpassed benchmarking capabilities
  • Allows agencies to make smart decisions about resource allocation that will benefit their customers and save them money
  • Agencies need to understand what to improve on as citizen expectations for better service delivery are increasing

The ACSI is the only measure of customer satisfaction whose predictive link to results are confirmed by third party independent peer review.

  • The only uniform measure of customer satisfaction in the U.S. economy
  • Measures the quality of federal government service delivery annually
  • Uses multiple-item indicators to assess drivers of satisfaction
  • Explains the linkage between satisfaction and desired outcomes
  • Allows for apples-to-apples comparison across the private and public sectors
  • Utilizes a cause-and-effect methodology to generate actionable recommendations
  • Recognized by academia, media and business as the gold standard for measuring customer satisfaction