• Ambulatory Care77 0.0%
  • Consumer Shipping81+1.3%
  • Cooperative Utilities78+2.6%
  • Federal Government68.0+6.4%
  • Hospitals75 0.0%
  • Investor-Owned Utilities75+4.2%
  • Local Government72.5+13.3%
  • Municipal Utilities72+5.9%
  • U.S. Postal Service73 0.0%
Ambulatory Care77 0.0%
Athletic Shoes80+2.6%
Automobiles & Light Vehicles823.8%
Cellular Telephones79+1.3%
Computer Software819.5%
Consumer Shipping81+1.3%
Cooperative Utilities78+2.6%
Credit Unions82.0+1.2%
Department & Discount Stores78+5.4%
Federal Government68.0+6.4%
Fixed-Line Telephone Service70+1.4%
Food Manufacturing83+9.2%
Full-Service Restaurants81-1.2%
Gasoline Service Stations76+1.3%
Health & Personal Care78+6.8%
Health Insurance72.0+4.3%
Hospitals75 0.0%
Internet Investment Services80.0+5.3%
Internet Search Engines & Information76-5.0%
Internet News & Opinion73-1.4%
Internet Retail83+3.8%
Internet Service Providers64+1.6%
Internet Social Media744.2%
Internet Travel Services791.3%
Investor-Owned Utilities75+4.2%
Life Insurance79.0+2.6%
Limited-Service Restaurants79+2.6%
Local Government72.5+13.3%
Household Appliances821.2%
Municipal Utilities72+5.9%
Personal Care & Cleaning Products83+7.8%
Personal Computers781.3%
Property & Casualty Insurance78.0-1.3%
Soft Drinks84+6.3%
Specialty Retail Stores80+3.9%
Subscription Television Service65+3.2%
Telephone service72 0.0%
Televisions & Video Players876.1%
U.S. Postal Service73 0.0%
Wireless Telephone Service71+1.4%

Transforming Customer Feedback
Into Management Solutions.

Customer Satisfaction Measurement

If your customers are more satisfied, will your business be more profitable? Sounds simple, but the answer is “Yes.” Higher customer satisfaction leads to repeat business and future recommendations, which, in turn, have bottom-line impact. But, there’s a catch. The only way to leverage and improve customer experience is to start with the right way to measure and understand it.

With the proven methodology of the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI), you can:

  • Understand how satisfied your customers are today, using a credible and time-tested system.
  • Quantify the impact of satisfaction on your customers’ intent to buy from you again, choose your brand over the competition, and recommend your company and products to others.
  • Predict the impact of service and product improvements on customer experience, loyalty, recommendation, and other metrics with bottom-line impact.
  • Prioritize improvements based on a credible metric so that you make investments where you’ll realize the greatest ROI—in customer experience, loyalty, sales, and other areas vital to your business.
  • Benchmark against other leading organizations and established customer satisfaction indexes.

Let the science of the ACSI and the experience of CFI Group professionals help you take control of your most important asset ... your customers.

Give us a call, or contact us, so that we can begin exploring how Customer Satisfaction Measurement can help you improve the customer experience in a way that impacts your organization’s bottom line.